Update 1/17/2012

Well it has been over a year since I wrote the other entry. Time to do some updating. In December of 2010 I graduated with my BS in Information Systems with a concentration in Web Development. I am now studying for my MS in Software Engineering. I plan on graduating with that degree in September of 2012. I’ve learned a lot in the last year or so. I have my company site (that’s a little optimistic) at HuntWebDesign.net. I just did my first business web site for a friend at Blu-Skycarpets.com. I am going to delete all the comments made to this blog so far. Most of them are just used to advertise their posters anyway. I plan on changing the way the comments work here.
I seem to have someone using an engine to post several advertising comments and get tired of trashing hundreds of fake comments. Soon I will be instituting a way for people to sign up for the site if they wish to comment. I do want to get feedback but I want it to be from real people and not comment engines. Let’s see, I had a birthday last year and am now 57. I am currently getting ready to redo the HuntWebDesign.net site to make it more indicative of my skill level. I plan on adding several more sites in the next few months. I need more for my portfolio plus this site still needs to progress to turning a profit. I will be trying to spend some more time here in the near future. For any comments to be posted they must be by a handle that is not an advertisement. I will be working on that soon and probably setting it up so that people must register to make comments. For now you can just submit comments and I will either approve or disapprove it. Thanks for any interest you may have in my site.

Profitable Internet Site

This website shall be an attempt to make a site that turns a profit.  It is a senior class project for my computer science class.  I am 56 years old and am in my last quarter of obtaining my Computer Science bachelor’s degree.  I am taking my classes online from Strayer University.  I am pursuing an emphasis in Web Design.  This is my first attempt at actually designing and running a website so I have much to learn.  I am doing research on all the different relevant areas of study and will blog on what decisions I make and the reason for them.  I have decided to make the site about the process of making the site and trying to return a profit.  I will be researching and deciding on several factors.  They are, software to use, web hosts, way to monetize the site, search engine optimization, content, links, and the process of designing the actual pages and how I go about it.  I hope that people find this interesting.